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The Healing Power of Meditation - Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration

Everyone is Welcome! 

At this special Dharma event we will celebrate the healing power of meditation and understand how to heal our body of physical sickness and our mind of negative thoughts and feelings. There will be teachings and guided meditations in English with simultaneous translation into Mandarin. You can meet like-minded people and see for yourself how modern people can benefit practically from Buddha’s teachings and bring about great improvements in their life. Everyone is welcome to attend this special event. This year’s Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration will be held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Empowerment & Teaching

According to Buddha, all diseases and suffering, both mental and physical, are caused by our delusions – confused states of mind such as anger. Normally, these delusions feel like deeply ingrained bad habits, but through connecting with Medicine Buddha we can experience the pure nature of our mind, and heal ourselves of these inner diseases.

This year, we will be receiving the empowerment and commentary to the practices of Medicine Buddha with our National Spiritual Director – Gen Kelsang Rabten. The empowerment is a guided meditation through which we will receive the blessings of this Buddha Doctor – the embodiment of all enlightened healing energy.

Who is Medicine Buddha?

The function of the Healing Buddha, or Buddha Doctor is to release living beings from outer and inner sickness. His body of blue wisdom light indicates that he is an emanation of the healing power of all the Buddhas, and his left hand holds a bowl filled with medicinal nectar and his right hand holds a medicinal plant. Through relying on Medicine Buddha with faith we develop a special power of body, speech, and mind, which we can then use to help others through healing actions.

Join us for any part of this 4 day event that offers a vacation with a difference – a chance to break free from the hectic routines of daily life and focus on the things that really matter. Everyone Buddhist and non-Buddhist is welcome.

Every year the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU) organises a world wide programme of special courses on Buddhism and meditation that explain how to apply Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) to modern living. The programme includes International Festivals, National Festivals and Dharma Celebrations. This year’s Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration will be held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

禅修的治愈力量 - 东南亚佛法庆典


这次的特殊佛法庆典将庆贺源自禅修的治愈力量 。我们也可以从庆典教学中学习如何治疗自身的病状及逆向心境。庆典将以英语举行,同时齐备同声华语翻译。在庆典上我们可以认识志同道合的朋友,亲自目睹现代人如何将佛法落实日常生活,显著的提升生活品质。


佛陀说疾病和痛苦都是由妄念而生.  妄念指的是错乱的心境,如嗔怒之心。一般而言,妄念都被认为是根深蒂固的恶习。但是若能与药师佛结缘,我们就能借此缘分经验自心的纯净本质,亲自疗愈自己内在的疾病。

我们将会在今年的东南亚佛法庆典领受格桑胜定法师所主持的药师佛加持灌顶与其仪轨的释义。 药师佛是诸佛治愈能量之总持 。灌顶当中,我们将会随着禅修导引领受药师佛的加持。




新噶当巴传承-国际佛教联盟每年都会举办一系列国际性的特殊佛法和禅修课程。其目的是阐释如何在现代生活里落实佛陀的教汇 (义祠“佛法”)。课程包括了国际法会,区域/国家法会以及佛法庆典。今年的东南亚佛法庆典将在马来西亚,柔佛州新山举行。