S.E.Asian Dharma Celebration 2023 東南亞佛法慶典

A Path to Purity: 31 March–03 April 2023

Join us for this special annual event in-person in Penang, Malaysia

Empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva & Teachings on Karma and Purification practice.
金剛薩埵佛灌頂 與 業力與修持淨化的教學

Join us in this year’s Dharma Celebration with Gen Kelsang Rabten, our National Spiritual Director for Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand. He will be granting the empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva and also giving us teachings on karma and the practices of purification, which will help us purify our past negative actions and create good conditions for our spiritual journey.


Who is Buddha Vajrasattva?

‘Buddha taught many different methods to purify non-virtuous actions, downfalls, and broken commitments, but the supreme method is the practice of meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva. This practice is a scientific method to purify our mind and transform it from an impure mind into a pure mind using Tantric technology.’
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

Buddha Vajrasattva is the purified consciousness of all Buddhas and his special function is to purify our minds. By drawing close to and relying sincerely on Buddha Vajrasattva, we can purify ourselves and become a completely pure being, where we will experience permanent freedom and inner peace, and there will be no further basis for us to experience any kind of pain or suffering.



Dharma Celebrations & Festivals

Every year the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU) organizes a worldwide programme of special courses on Buddhism and meditation that explain how to apply Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) to modern living. The programme includes International Festivals, National Festivals, and Dharma Celebrations. 

Everyone, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, is welcome.

新噶當巴傳承 – 國際噶當巴佛教聯盟 (NKT-IKBU) 每年都會舉辦全球的佛法與禪修特別課程,闡釋如何將佛陀的法教 (佛法) 運用於現代生活。課程包括國際法會、區域法會及佛法慶典。