The Clarity of Wisdom


东南亚佛法庆典 (二零一九年, 三月二十九日至四月一日)
文殊师利佛灌顶 与 “如何理解心识”教义

Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration 2019

东南亚佛法庆典 2019

Everyone is Welcome! 欢迎大家!

Over the four days of this Dharma Celebration we will have the opportunity to have a Spiritual Holiday. During this precious time we will be able to mix our mind with Buddha’s teachings, increase our wisdom and develop positive energy to improve our lives and the lives of our friends and families. There will be teachings and guided meditations in English with simultaneous translation into Mandarin. You can meet like-minded people and see for yourself how modern people can benefit practically from Buddha’s teachings and bring about great improvements in their life. Everyone is welcome to attend this special event. This year’s Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Empowerment of Buddha Manjushri
& Teachings on How to Understand the Mind
文殊师利佛灌顶 与 “如何理解心识”教义

In this Dharma Celebration Gen Kelsang Rabten, the National Spiritual Director for South East Asia, will grant the empowerment of Buddha Manjushri and give commentary to the practices of Buddha Manjushri followed by teachings from the book How to Understand the Mind by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Buddha Manjushri is the embodiment of the wisdom of all the Buddhas. By relying upon him sincerely we will naturally increase our wisdom and eventually attain the ultimate peace of full enlightenment. In How to Understand the Mind, Venerable GKG says ‘There is no more important task than increasing our wisdom’. Wisdom is like an inner teacher that we carry in our hearts and like a protector that protects us from engaging in wrong actions and having to experience their unpleasant results. Ultimately wisdom will free us permanently from the ignorance that keeps us locked in samsara, the cycle of impure life.
东南亚精神总监,格桑胜定法师将在庆典上赐予文殊师利佛加持灌顶,其仪轨的释义以及取自由格西格桑嘉措所著的 “如何理解心识”教学。 文殊师利佛是诸佛陀智慧的化现。虔诚依止此佛能逐步增强我们的智慧,直到征得证觉的无上平静为止。在“如何理解心识”书里,尊贵的格西格桑嘉措说“除了增加智慧以外,没有任何事务更为重要”。智慧就像附在心里的导师,时时刻刻防止我们从事不善行, 保护我们免于承受恶报之苦。因无明而被囚禁在轮回扎染生命里的我们最终能以智慧得以永恒的解脱。

Over the course of the Dharma Celebration we will receive teachings on how to understand meaningful objects. Through meditating on these instructions with Buddha Manjushri’s blessings we will easily make progress in developing pure states of mind that lead to permanent peace and happiness.

Spiritual Holiday 精神假期

Join us for any part of this 4 day event that offers a vacation with a difference – a chance to break free from the hectic routines of daily life and focus on the things that really matter. Everyone Buddhist and non-Buddhist is welcome.
欢迎大家与我们共度这与众不同的假期。参加庆典全程,或随意参加庆典的局部 。庆典当中,我们暂离日常生活的忙与盲,得以空间贯注人生的真实问题。欢迎大家参加庆典,共沾法益!

Festivals 法会

Every year the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU) organises a world wide programme of special courses on Buddhism and meditation that explain how to apply Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) to modern living. The programme includes International Festivals, National Festivals and Dharma Celebrations. This year’s Southeast Asian Dharma Celebration will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
新噶当巴传承-国际佛教联盟每年举办一系列国际性的特殊佛法和禅修课程。其目的是阐释如何在现代生活里落实佛陀的教汇 (义祠“佛法”)。课程包括了国际法会,区域/国家法会以及佛法庆典。今年的东南亚佛法庆典将在马来西亚,吉隆坡举行。